1500mg CBD Capsules & 750mg Tincture COMBO


In this bundle you’ll find the 750mg tincture, as well as the 1500mg capsules. This is a common combination due to the slight differences between the two. The tincture being fast-acting, is common for on-the-go. While the capsules generally take 20-30 minutes to kick in, therefore capsules are common to start and end the day. Both products are known to potentially help with stress, anxiety, inflammation, gut health and more!


In this bundle you’ll find our 750mg CBD Oil tincture, good for fast acting potential relief. The CBD Oil tincture is primarily used for stress,  anxiety, pain and inflammation. Also mixed with Coconut MCT Oil, this product helps to create homeostasis throughout the body to get you back to being you! In addition, you’ll find our 1500mg, 60 count capsule bottle! This is filled with 60 capsules at 25mg each. CBD Capsules are very good to take before your day, when you’re winding down, getting ready to go to work, school, etc. CBD capsules are good to take before or after the day because they are a delayed release generally taking 20-30 minutes for full effect. Also good for stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation and more!


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