Learn about which product is right for you:

When starting a new treatment option, it’s always important to consult your physician and see what they recommend.

· Start slow, use smaller dosages and see your discomfort level. If you’re still experiencing discomfort, try increasing the frequency of dosages or increase the milligram content. This is why we offer tinctures from 250mg-5000mg. Every individual is different.

Try different products for different delivery methods. Remember, different delivery methods also mean the speed of delivery for your body is different. For more information checkout CBD Oil vs CBD Capsules.

· While some may experience immediate results, it is recommended that you take CBD daily to continue those results. Different days may have different dosages based on your level of discomfort.

Ingestible: (Capsules)
– Extended release
– Convenient
– Exact
– 750mg-1500mg

Sublingual: (CBD Oil)
– Fast acting
– Under tongue
– High variety
– 250mg-5000mg

Topical: (CBD Balm, CBD lotion, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Lip Balm, CBD Migraine Stick)
– Pin-point relief on skin
– Fast acting
– Good for every day aches and pains

Transdermal: (CBD Transdermal Lotion)
– Pin-point relief
– Gets into bloodstream
– One product does all
– 1500mg